ITIL Foundations Completed
Saturday, September 28th

I was able to find a new testing facility for part 2 of the A+, but that won't be done until this upcoming Tuesday. 

In the meantime, I was able to successfully pass the ITIL Foundations exam today.  I admit the test was tough.  The material isn't really very engaging  -- and while the basic concepts of the ITIL framework are easy to understand and fairly clear, the test seemed to involve a lot of the finer details that are not the easiest stuff in the world to memorize.

Still, a pass is a pass - and that's one more class down.  4 to go.

Exam Cancelled?!
Friday, September 27th

I woke this morning to an email saying my A+ 2nd half was canceled - no explanation.  I contacted support and rescheduled it, and a few minutes later it gets canceled again.  Frustrated, I spoke with the customer service again, and they explained it was due to a power outage.

Ok, it's Florida, I get it.  Power uptime is a luxury.  The only issue now is that the system is basically assuming their power outage is permanent until they hear otherwise, so I need to just keep checking back until it works again :/  Tried to reschedule at 3 different facilities and none are available.

I guess in the meantime I'll just keep chugging along with ITIL review and hope I don't end up with power issues myself.

A+ Core 2 Tomorrow
Thursday, September 26th

This weekend will hopefully earn me two new certifications as well as complete 2 of the final 5 classes I have remaining for my degree.  Having already completed Core 1 for A+, I take the 2nd half tomorrow, and I have scheduled for my ITIL Foundations certification on Saturday.  Thankfully that one I can at least take from the house.

Being honest, A+ was much tougher than I originally believed before having attempted it.  There was a LOT of focus on things like printer technology, and a number of questions where the scenario gives you 4 correct answers, and you need to choose the "best" of the correct answers.  If all goes well tomorrow, I'll just be glad to have it behind me at this point.  

As far as ITIL goes, it's not "hard" subject matter, but it is very VERY dry material to sift through -- foundations seems to be mostly terminology memorization.

After these two are said and done, I will only have Project+, ORACLE database certification, and my final capstone project to complete.  If I can pull it all off by the end of November, I'll have completed my entire bachelor's program in just 6 months.

Just a few classes remaining
Sunday, September 15th

I have 6 classes left to go before my degree is complete.  This upcoming Tuesday I'm scheduled for testing for my A+ certification (which I have to admit was far more of a challenge than I would have anticipated in terms of memorization required).   If passed, that should bring me to 5 remaining classes with roughly 10 weeks left before my 6-month term expires.

Luckily, I've already begun work on 2 C# projects, either of which may be accepted as my final capstone project.  Given that the majority of students, I would imagine, don't start working on this until they reach the end, it should give me a bit of a head start in the final course.  I've also read all of the source material needed to complete the ITIL certification class and will be scheduling that assessment once the A+ Core 1 is finally behind me.

Continuing Reconstruction
Sunday, July 14th

With three certifications down and the newest one in User Interface Design, the reconstruction of the site here will ultimately achieve a few new goals -- much better mobile compatibility, complete the validation to HTML 5 standards, and a bit of a new look and feel.  I still love the original theme that I'd gone with for my site, but I realize not everybody enjoys a dark theme.  When I have time, I think it would be ideal to offer theme options, but in the meantime, I'm going to go with something more neutral and professional.

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