Frank Moricz

Web Portfolio and Art Gallery

Magic made with caffeine and a keyboard.

My name is Frank Moricz, and I love technology.

From computer hardware to software development, dabbling in open-source development and contribution, even 3d modeling/animation and sound/music creation -- there are very few areas in the computer realm that are outside of my interest.

Over the years, I've released web sites, utility programs, video games, and many forms of media, and I've tried to curate this site into a reflection/archive of some of that. (An unfortunate side effect of the speed of technology is how quickly things change - websites disappear, programs are outdated, etc. Having a centralized place to organize it all is a godsend.)

My work background is originally in sales, and then I moved into the education industry. I've earned a Bachelor's Degree in Software Development (C#) as well as the following certifications:

My goal right now is to transition into a more technical role. To that end, my resume is available upon request, and my public LinkedIn resume is available here for anyone who may be interested.