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Pre-pre alpha
Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

This week has been slow going, mostly due to work/life balance and a bit of a rest period. 

The texture site is coming along slowly, but I want to ensure it's done correctly the first time to avoid having to rewrite large swaths of code over and again.  Funny enough, it seems the jquery library has come a LONG way since the last time i've actually downloaded it - the version that this portion of my site runs on is quite old by comparison, so I do need to get on top of that and update it across the board here as well just in case of possible security updates, etc.

I haven't really taken a "break" from 3d modeling --  In fact, I tried to do a screencast recording last night so I can start to put together some content for a video tutorial, but I need to get some things in order -- it seems that using the official nvidia drivers in combination with linux mint and my choice of monitors/graphic tablet resulted in some incredibly unusable footage.  There is some type of framerate issue in the recording process that causes blender to continually disappear from view whenever there is movement on the screen.  As you can imagine, it's a problem.  Im experimenting with a few different options and hoping I can get a solid recording workflow going without having to bounce back and forth to windows.  I've certainly come to prefer mint to windows -- I just wish it wasn't such a hassle to get basic things done at times.  It feels like the way things are, the ideal solution is an expensive one - multiple machines with a kvm switch, or some virtual machine action, etc.

The River Scene
Thursday, February 13th, 2020

I hinted at my new scene in last light's post, but it was very pre production and not ready to publish.  This most recent render, however, I'm quite proud of.  Theres more than a few final tweaks to make before it's officially finished, but with all of the volumetric effects and transpareny the render times on this scene are already approching ridiculous levels (40ish minutes a pop).

Also just purchased a new graphic tablet - the old wacom I have is fairly ancient at this point and I need all the help I can get when it comes to fine drawing.

The River Scene is not yet complete - the statue is going to be completely sculpted, and the water/particles are planned to be tweaked a bit.

Working on..
Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

I've got a few different irons in the fire right now.  I AM still working on sculpting, but not exclusively. 

First, I have a larger scene I'm attempting to throw together right now, and it involves a splash effect with a ton of particles if I can get it right -- but theres fairly long render times involved right now and it's not moving as fast as I could (if I go back to an SLI configuration and set up a seperate rendering processor and display processor).  I do want to also start creating video content from these 3d workflows, but I am still getting into an efficient rhythm myself and don't yet want to add the additional complication of media management and editing.  Soon though.

Im also working on a site to sell off and give away textures that I make along the way, and I'll post a link to that here once it's worth a peek. :)

Sculpting vs Modeling
Saturday, February 8th, 2020

Im attempting now to work on more organic shapes, meaning that using standard polygon modeling isn't ideal.  Sculpting in Blender is a whole new beast, and it seems to be an incredibly powerful tool that I am currently terrible with.

I've made myself a list of different things to model to get practice with the graphics tablet and sculpting tools.

The first thing I went after may not have been the wisest - I chose to do a model of a hand.  It seemed ideal because I have a reference (or two) available, but of course it's a fairly complex shape.  After the model looks decent, texturing human skin will be an interesting challenge as well -- I can maybe even use the hair generator if it looks good.  I didnt save any progress shots along the way, but it may show up in an upcoming gallery post if I can pull it off.

The patio grows...
Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

I ended up adding a few new items to the patio today, replacing my placeholder picnic table most notably.  I like the benches, so those may be used elsewhere, but I do plan on making a chair model that better matches the style of the table.

The model for the umbrella table is neat -- I rigged the umbrella and cloth to an armature, so it can actually be folded and moved.  I could also do a full cloth simulation to completely close it and have it not look like a mess, but what's the point of using an umbrella table without having the umbrella, right?

I also made this bucket, which came out way more rustic than really befits the patio scene, but it was still more fun than something modern -- plastic or metal would have just been boring.

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