Games Projects - Tuesday, March 5th

So, aside from the web project, I've also go two different game projects going on.

One of them started as a joke.  Discussing different ideas back an forth with a friend at work, he suggested that I create "Angry Turds", and we laughed.  Well, I recently got GameMaker Studio + Android, and I decided to make it - again, as a joke.  I wanted to play with the Box2d physics and wrap my head around the basics of GameMaker.  Well, I showed him the final results, and he is insistant that I continue the project.  This past weekend I added some sound effects and improved the sprites, but my main focus is on the other, more serious, game.

The other game is codenamed "Brutal", and it is very much pre-alpha - I'm not going into too many details just yet, but thanks to sources at, it should be pretty fancy looking.  I love the tileset tools and some of the pros of GameMaker, despite some of the cons I've come across.

I tell ya what - I'll add the Angry Turds apk to the sidebar here once I have a number of levels added in there.  It's not ready for the Play store just yet, and I'm not going to charge money for such a simplistic project.  If you want to try it and don't mind waiting, it'll hit the Play store in about a month or so.