Progress Report: - Sunday, April 28th

Here's a list of current projects, descriptions, and etc.

  • Codename: Brutal - This Android game is much like a "choose your own adventure" book in a lot of ways.  As such, it takes a while to create a dynamic experience, especially given that it isn't just a written story with buttons.  This project is likely to be in-progress for quite a while - theres a lot to add.  Current progress is at about 60% complete - the dynamic code and most of the assets are there, but with each possibility being dynamic, each new feature increases the workload more than one might think.
  • Goop - This puzzle game will likely be the first amongst this list to be complete.  Puzzles are traditionally much faster to develop due to little need for art assets, etc. This project is one of the most recent, and only about 30% or so complete, but is coming along quite nicely.  I do believe the art assets are fairly unique for the engine I'm using - so it should be interesting.
  • Angry Turds - If this game was the only thing on my priority list, it would've been done a long while ago.  However, since it's the least likely to generate income and is more of a fun project, development is only every once in a while and in short bursts.  Overall, including all the potential levels, I'd say I'm at about 45% complete on this one.
  • - This one is complete, but will continue to change as needed.  Im proud of the latest redesign for desktop browsers, but it could still use some optimization for low resolutions and mobile devices.