jQuery - Tuesday, August 13th

It's been a while since I've really messed with jQuery, so I decided to add a few features here to help clean things up and make things a bit more interactive.  I overhauled the development page and partitioned the descriptions and walls of text into more of a read-if-you-care setup.

Honestly, the portfolio here has needed work for quite a while, but as it isn't exactly a well-traveled site, I've kept putting it off to work on other things.  The last few months for me have been a bit of burnout recovery - I had a lot of things going on at once including issues and projects at home, so I did a bit of work there.  I've also taken to doing a bit more physical handiwork for fun, so here's a few photos of a shelf I made recently:

This actually sits over the top of my computer screens, and is used solely for nerd-like purposes.  I have on it my laptop, speakers, and ps3 (which is sharing my sound system/headphones and my left-side monitor via hdmi).  These pics were taken during installation, so try to imagine it a bit more cleaned up. :P