You wouldnt believe - Monday, September 2nd

The amount of work that just went in to support a catergory that isn't a catergory.  Ironic, really.

The editor for adding/editing/removing catergories came with the question: "well, what if I delete a catergory that is in use?".  Unfortunately, it resulted in a form of ugly chaos.  Thus, the "Uncatergorized" catergory was born.  Now the dynamic display can ask "Are there any published works that don't have a catergory?" if so, it will display things without breaking down.  It seems simple, but as catergories were recently tacked on and kind of "forced", it required a bit of backpedaling.

Next up will be support for simply editing the names and descriptions of current catergories, which should be much easier.  After that, the system will expand beyond "writings" into both tutorials and blogs. I'm asking myself if I need to support multiple catergories per post, and it may be something to keep in mind for the future.  As it stands, at least for myself, one is enough.  Perhaps a seperate system for "tagging" will be much more viable for each of the sections.

Also, I've done more work to make the dashboard a bit fancier: