Civilization V - Wednesday, September 4th

Considering how badly I remember tearing into Sid Meyer's Civilization V (in a review for the mac version) a few years ago when I played it on my MacBook pro, it feels strange that I can personally attest to the addiction factor it still has for me even now on my PC.  I can't blame myself - I had screenshots like this, and trust me - it was frustrating at the time.  (Yes, this is my original screenshot from my own experience.)

On windows though, the game runs fairly flawlessly for me, with a few rare exceptions.  Even in the instances where it does crash, the autosave is a godsend.

Now, my major gripe is simply that the game is cutting into my development time, and I needs my development time.

I can't help it - I love video games.  Always have.  I don't think that's going to change anytime soon.  I just need to go a bit more in moderation.  With the new car payment, I can already rest assured that my mad money for games is a bit lessened nowadays at least.

That's all for now.  Back to the grind :)