Amulet #6 - Torture

Prompt: Use the words rose, belt, and stole

She began to wake, and her eyes rose to meet her captor.  The strange lizard creature stood
before her, wearing the same military-type vest as before.  In his hand, he held her amulet – its
delicate chain was tangled within scaly claws.

The gem, she thought.  The thing that started this whole nightmare.

The creature spoke, but his words were foreign.  The sound of his voice ground against her ears
like gravel.  He gestured to the jewelry he held, but she couldn’t discern his meaning.

The cold table beneath her back was bound to her.  A great belt strapped across her torso, and
each limb was held by smaller bindings.  As the creature spoke, she began to struggle against the
slab to no avail.

Another creature approached.  This one carried a tray that was decorated with strange objects and
tools.  With the tray came a strange smell – it reminded her of charred meat.  Her heart began to
pound furiously.

Torture, she realized.

“You stole me away to this place to torture me?” she screamed at them.

The creatures seemed surprised by her words.  They stepped back for a moment; their reptilian
eyes widened and their brows began to furrow.  The one that bore the amulet was first to retort –
he brought the jewel directly before her face, and he spoke with fervor.  His volume implied a
tone of importance.

“I never meant to come here,” she said.  She spoke more calmly now.  “It was a mistake.”

A tool was removed from the tray.  Her eyes snapped toward it – the serrated edge sent a wave of
panic through her.  The creature brought the blade downward and began to cut a piece from
something on the tray before him.

Before she realized it, the newly-cut piece was shoved into her mouth.