Amulet #8 - Alone

Prompt: Use the words light, flood, and tools

What have I done?

As she woke, a flood of light invaded her eyes.  She didn’t know how long she was asleep, but
she realized that she was now completely alone.  The creatures left her unbound but sealed
within the room.

She sat up and looked around.  Everything was gone, including the tray of tools which carried
the strange food – the somehow magical meal that gave her the ability to understand.

Was this… first contact?

The concept seemed foreign, like something from a science fiction movie.  Never once did she
think that it could happen, especially to her.  But here she was – her eyes gazing over the
furnishings of a bizarre room on an alien world.

A sense of guilt filled every corner of her being.  The short conversation she had with her captors
had caused her to see that they never meant to hurt her – or the others.

The others, she realized.  They still may not know!

Would more lives be lost in a battle that she inadvertently started?

She spun to dangle her legs from the edge of the table.  As she hopped onto the cool metal floor,
her body felt heavy.  Still, she gained her bearings and made her way to one of the exits.

Beside the door, as she had come to expect, the opening device lay in wait of command.  She
reached out to press upon it, and she was suddenly overtaken by a wave of panic.  Her hand,
once a delicate and pretty thing, was now decorated with indigo scales.  Her fingernails were
sharp, and curved into fine points.

The realization caused her to look at her own reflection on the matte surface of the door.     
Yellow reptilian eyes gazed back at her.

What have I become?