Amulet #12 - Bound

Prompt: Use the words claw, safe and nose.

"Was I sick ?" she asked herself. " Did these creatures truly save my life ?"

The boy seemed sure about his own disease. As she looked around the table, she suddenly understood that the others were as well.

"I don't want any more death," she said.

"You are safe in this new form," the orb answered. "Human disease can be mended easily."

"Will we be able to leave? Will I see my family again?"

The orb hesitated before answering. "Yes," it spoke at last.

She looked around her and saw reptilian smiles form beneath each pointed nose. Before they could celebrate, the orb spoke again.

"You will be able - but not the others."

"Only me?" she asked.

"You have something that the others do not - the crystal."

"My amulet? But it's--"

"Your amulet remains at your home, we have the other."

"I don't understand."

She remembered seeing her necklace hung before her while she was still human. The delicate chain was wrapped around a sharp claw.

"If you touch the amulet on this world, you will be transported to the one on your own world," the orb explained. "It is bound to you now, and cannot be used by any other."

"But --"

"Until you understand fully, we cannot allow you to leave. This is for your own safety."

"Understand what?"

"What happens to one crystal will happen to the other. This gem is our only link to your planet."

She began to comprehend. "So if my amulet is destroyed..."

"Then our race will be doomed. You cannot return home until we know you can be trusted with something so precious."

"And until then?" she asked. The tone of the orb began to scare her.

"You will remain our guest. Only if you are dead can the crystal be bound again."