Amulet #16 - Prophesy

The door wouldn't budge. It was possibly reinforced by something other-worldly, but all she managed to do was send a flash of pain through her body. With her skull ringing, she backed away and seethed. Her breath huffed through gritted teeth.

"Let me out!" she screamed. She took a step forward and pounded her clawed fist against the metal. Though her new body had given her powerful new strength, this door was fixed in place and would only be opened from the outside. Still, she pounded until her wrist began to throb.

Time trudged on, and she began to lose steam. She laid her forehead on the cold metal and tried to slow her quickened breathing. With her heightened hearing, she managed to detect a sound that echoed from the other side of the door. She moved her head in an attempt to listen.

Footsteps , she realized. They came close and then stopped. The girl held her breath.

"You must remain calm, princess," a voice whispered.

"Princess?" she asked.

"I will tell you what I know, but I must be quick."

She remained silent and hoped that the voice would alleviate her confusion.

"You were lied to. The other humans were only an illusion, and you were never sick. You were brought here to fulfill a prophesy," he whispered.

"What prophesy?"

"The one who can control the crystal shall become queen. After that, our people will cross the bounds of reality and find salvation. You were lied to so that your path would end here."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I believe you will save us - by your own choice. There was no need to manipulate."

"How can I-"

"I must go - but you need to remember. Many lives are at stake."