Amulet #17 - Illusion

Locked away in the tower, she remained patient and awaited her moment. The stranger had confused her, but the conversation had also left her with a glimmer of hope. Somewhere beyond the door lay at least one soul that believed in her. Drawing strength from that thought, she regained her composure.

It's a fairy tale , she told herself. I've gone away to another world and become a princess . There was solace in the realization. She tried her hardest to keep her eyes away from her own monstrous claws, lest the illusion be broken.

Time passed like that for a great while. Suns and stars wheeled around her. Her changed body was no longer new, but rather a simple fact of existence. The recurring dream still came until at long last, the face of her prince became clear.

Her eyes snapped open and her feet found the ground. Somehow, she knew the door would open. They had finally come for her - they traversed into her desolate wing to bring her to her fate. She placed her hands behind her back in anticipation. The door began to grind. When it opened, she saw two reptilian guards glaring at her with yellow eyes.

"It's time?" she asked. It felt that years had passed since she had spoken to another person.

"Come forward," one of the guards replied.

"Am I to meet him?" She took a few steps forward.

"Shortly." His palm reached out to take her hand, and she gripped it.

Her claws tightened, and she pulled the serpent with all her might. Taken by surprise, the guard rolled into the room behind her. Her other hand came around, and the sharp object she held landed squarely between the frightened eyes of the other guard.

"I can't wait to meet him," she said.