Amulet #19 - Inevitable

"You believe that you escaped?" the king asked. His tone was mocking. "Everything has played out exactly as I designed, my princess. Everything."

"I am not your princess," she muttered.

"Maybe not yet. The prophesy you claim to know - it was my own design. Even your dreams bear my mark. This meeting was inevitable."

Anger welled in the girl, and she felt her claws tense. The king took notice and stepped forward. Once he was close, she could feel the heat of his breath as he looked down on her.

"What hope do you have?" he asked.

Her hand flew upward to slap him, but his massive arm caught her wrist. The strength he carried was undeniable. His other arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her body against his. Her dreams flashed through her thoughts.

"No!" she cried out. "Never!"

His expression became furious once again. He pulled away and slashed outward with a forearm. He laughed while watching her sail backward.

"Don't get me wrong, princess, I wouldn't have you any other way," he said. "Resist now... deny me... but know that in the end, you will call me your king."

She regained composure and began to pick herself up from the floor. For once, she was glad to have such tough scales along her skin.

"You pretend to know me, but you never even tried. I was a good person once," she started. "Whatever happens now, you have only yourself to blame."

The king glared. His gaze was drawn to her hand like a magnet. Between her scaly claws lay a broken, delicate chain. Swinging underneath was her crystal amulet. In a swift motion, she touched the stone. The floor began to ripple and move.

"You may have control of this world, but not mine," she said.