Amulet #1 - Ripple

Prompt: use the words purple, earring, and wall
The indigo crystal was exquisite. She was always surprised at the things she found at flea
markets. Placed into a ring or earring, the jewel would shimmer beyond compare. The way it
caught the sunlight was other-worldly.
An amulet, she decided. There was only one crystal, and she decided to make the best use of it.
When she returned home, she sat at her desk and got to work. Wrapping wire and chain about the
purple stone, her nimble fingers were finally satisfied. She hung the ornament from her neck and
grabbed the mirror atop the desk.
In her reflection, she noticed movement on the wall behind her. She spun quickly, but nothing
seemed out of place. With a furrowed brow, she replaced the mirror and began to investigate.
Once she stood, she began to second-guess herself.
I must be seeing things.
Suddenly, it happened again – this time, it was plain to see. The wall seemed to ripple like the
surface of water. It was only for a moment, but the supernatural movement filled her with a wave
of fear. She stepped close and saw a purple tinge of color on the surface before her. Her eyes
were drawn downward to the new jewelry she wore – she saw that it had begun to glow.
Remove it, she told herself, but a curious part of her was still drawn to the wall. Her fingertips
traced along the smooth surface. She was surprised that nothing felt any different. With her hand
fixed there, she stood in contemplation.
When the ripple returned, it was accompanied by a strange limb. Purple colored fingers shot
forth and stretched toward the amulet. She screamed, but was otherwise slow to react. The
intruder gripped her wrist and pulled her into the void from whence it came.