Amulet #2 - Captive

Prompt: use the phrase “how are we going to get out of this”

She never saw her captor.  After being pulled through the wall of her own room by some alien
force, she was propelled through blackness.  The grip was released somewhere along the way,
but she still careened forward.  When light finally came into her eyes, she fell to the floor.

The ground was warm and metallic.  It was all she knew for a long while – fear kept her from
opening her eyes.  When she heard hushed voices, however, she knew that she was no longer
alone.  Her eyes snapped open to reveal a group of frightened people.  They were huddled
together against a wall of jagged bars.

I am in a cage, she realized.

No words would form in her mouth.  She made an attempt to stand, and noticed that something
was missing.

The amulet… it’s gone.

“Where am I?” she asked at last.

“Nobody knows, miss,” a boy replied.  “We came here like you did.”

“Well, how are we going to get out of this?”

“Th’ only people leave is th’ ones they take,” an older man said.

“They? They who?”

“Thems who stole ya.”

Even after learning from her fellow captives, she was left with only more questions.  The group
was mostly made up of elderly folk and children.

“It’ll be you they take first, miss, they don’t seem to care much for us,” the boy added.

Quickly, she did the math.  There were people from her age group here once, but no longer.  If
she were to survive, she would need to prepare.  Organizing the others, the group waited by the
single, solid door of the cell.  When it finally slid open, they fell together atop the creature as an
angry mob.

Freedom was earned in that moment, but they now needed to discover their way home.