Heavy Lifting - Sunday, August 25th

For those who haven't known me for a while, my very first vehicle was a truck.  I had an '88 Jeep Comanche - a truck nobody has really ever heard of.  It was small, but hey, it was my first "car".  Tons and tons of problems later, I eventually got into smaller and more economical cars, my latest being a '07 ford focus hatchback.

While it certainly was no truck, I can safely say I used it like one.  When I moved to Florida, I shoved everything I own into it and used every cubic inch of space.  When the septic system at my new house went out, I actually shovelled almost a half-ton of stone into the back of it to create my new drain field.  Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I should look into getting another truck.  This past week, I worked with multiple dealers until I found a truck with a price I liked.  I present to you my new baby, the F-150 XLT: