Google, I love you but youre killing me right now. - Sunday, September 8th

The title pretty much sums up how I feel.

I had some free time today for development, so I wanted to test how my tutorials could be improved via the android app.  Simple enough, right?  I get my PHP done in minutes - added fancybox to the display code for individual blog posts and tutorials (side note: this allows you to click on any image on the website for a lightbox effect, but fancybox is better for mobile imo).  Next step, I optimize one of my old tutorials and want to update my android app to support it.  I open Android Studio, and am prompted to update it.

What, no update through the application itself?  Okay, I'll download and install it.

Crap - already installing it when I see the prompt on the web site saying I should choose a new install location and uninstall my previous version first.  Too bad - I had already imported all of my work in there from eclipse.  Okay, so new version installed and now I need to update both eclipse and the android SDK manager to their newest versions to I can RE-export/import my code.

Side complaint: why the hell does the Android SDK manager take 30 minutes to download anything?  Shouldn't google have some of the fastest and most dedicated servers on planet Earth?

Anyway, finally exported and re-imported - no dice.  Everything is throwing up errors left and right.  Keep in mind, these builds should be perfectly up to date and functional - they've been published for months.  Im pretty much decided at this point to use some of the preexisting code and basically re-do my app from scratch.  That is, of course, IF I can use my old keystore and actually publish the final product as an update.  We'll see I guess.