Megabite App Updates Incoming - Tuesday, September 10th

So, I pushed a change to my Android application the other day that redirected all of my tutorial articles to this server instead of their original location.  In the welcome opener, I promised users that this should prevent unneeded app updates, but I really want to bring Megabite up to Android's newest standards.

There is a new and improved version in the works that will basically utilize a great deal of the code I have in place here.  Once updated, my hope for the new Megabite app is that it can integrate my tutorials section here dynamically, and even have a "news" section that will utilize, via a Megabite category, a new, distinct section here as well.

Most Android apps are designed to be self contained, whereas what I will be doing is basically integrating it to use a custom API built into my custom CMS.  This offers better options in the future, in my opinion - for this app as well as potential others.  Eventually I want to be able to create an app that controls the back-end, like WordPress has, but that may be a ways off and a "solid" CMS needs to be done first.