Amulet #10 - Hearts

Prompt: Use the words sail, drum and black

The transformation was ongoing. She ran through abandoned halls and searched for any signs of life. Even while she moved, the changes to her body grew more apparent.

Between her fingers, webbed skin began to appear. The webbing was deep crimson, it stretched out like a sail between her claws. Her feet became large and heavy; they echoed from the metal floor and caused sound to cascade in all directions. The cacophony was terrifying and ferocious in her new ears.

Every sense was heightened. She could taste the air around her and feel each beat of her hearts.

Hearts , she realized. I have more than one .

Fear gripped her. She ran even faster, but found nothing. Her last shreds of humanity were fading, and she felt nothing but loneliness. At last, she gave in. She threw herself to the floor and began to sob. While she cried, she saw black tears splash onto the smooth floor.

"I'm sorry," she said aloud. "I'm so sorry." The words needed to be said. Each passing moment tore away another piece of her, and she wondered if anything at all would remain.

A distant sound rang out. She held her breath and gazed to the end of the long hall before her. At first there was nothing, but as moments passed she could hear a steady beat. Like the sound of a heavy drum, it remained constant; it grew louder as it approached.

At last, she saw something. She pushed to her feet and focused her reptilian eyes. A large group marched toward her - lizards of varying shapes and sizes. The smallest of the creatures ran a few steps ahead of the group and called out. He spoke in serpent-tongue, but she understood every word.

"It's okay miss, we're here now."