Amulet #15 - Idle

She gazed out across the flat landscape of orange sand. The lone speaker on the wall had grown silent, and she was alone yet again.

Prepared , she thought. What did the voice mean by that ?

Time had no meaning on this alien world. She tried to keep a sense of time, but the numbers began to fade in her mind. With nothing to do but sleep and breathe, her room had effectively become a prison.

There was nothing reflective within the room, but for that she was thankful. Her new body was something altogether terrifying. Though she slowly began to become more accustomed to her new dimensions, she hated to think of herself as one of the creatures.

Before she realized it, the guilt she had before was nearly gone. The passage of time had not been kind to her empathetic feelings, or the fact that the creatures may have saved her life.

I wasn't sick , she affirmed. I know I wasn't .

The others - stolen from their various homes and lives - may have been saved, but they weren't locked away to fulfill some prophesy. They weren't her. She was happy for them if this place brought them comfort, but for her, even the soft bed nearby had started to become a painful sight.

A new feeling began to pump through her, and she felt her jaw tighten. As she continued to look to the world outside, her claws clamped into a tightened fist. She spun toward the speaker on the wall and leapt from the ground. The device was torn away and it showered the ground with sparks.

No longer would she wait. No longer would she idle and allow her life to remain out of control. She sprinted toward the door and prepared for impact.