Amulet #3 - Freedom

Prompt: use the words fire, scale, and sky

It wasn’t long before the group found themselves outside of their cell.  The girl who led them
was offered deep praises, but she felt no comfort.  Wherever they were, it was a long way from

They searched the hall for signs of an exit, leaving the bloody mess of their prison guard behind
them.  A look backward showed a thick, almost reptilian-like tail.  After the angry attack, an
occasional purple scale littered the ground beside him.

The girl turned her attention away – she could feel no remorse for the creature.  She came upon
another metal door and she reached out to touch a device beside it.  Quickly, the door slid
upward and revealed the world outside.  The sky burned orange like fire and was decorated with
a thick layer of fast-moving clouds.  It might have been beautiful under different circumstances.

Under the strange sky lay a sort of city.  With sharp looking towers and sheer walls, the buildings
appeared like spikes on the horizon.

She glanced back to her group of followers.  Six in total, they looked at her expectantly with
expressions of fear.  “Where do we go from here?” she asked.

“Maybe there, miss,” a boy answered.  His finger pointed to a squat building nearby.

Perhaps, she thought, but she was given no time to decide.  From that building, a door opened
and allowed two more of the alien creatures to appear.

Her heart began to race and she looked around for a means to escape.  Suddenly, she spied
another door nearby.  “Quickly, in there!” she said.

The group ran through the open door.  She touched the device and caused the port to slide down
behind them.  She looked around at her group, now out of breath and terrified; only five were
now present.